The cofounder of Yo! and $16,000 smartphone company Sirin has a new startup baby


Moshe Hogeg Sirin

Twitter/Moshe Hogeg

Entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg.

Moshe Hogeg, a serial entrepreneur from Israel with multiple businesses to his name, has found a new startup to back with his millions called Dragonera.


Dragonera has developed a service that can supposedly automate up to 70% of the early development of new products and platforms. It does this by providing pre-packaged bits of code that companies can lift and put into their apps and websites.

It does this by providing pre-packaged bits of code that companies can lift and put into their apps and websites.

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These bits of code can be put together, much like the pieces of puzzle, to form a complete final software product, Dragonera claims.

"Over the course of ten years in the startup scene, I've witnessed many great ideas fail to thrive because there were no affordable alternatives to software development in-house, to allow a short time to market. Being able to take minimalistic approach and model redundant product decisions and implementation allows us to do just that," said Ido Man, founder and CEO of Dragonera, in a statement.




The Dragonera team.

"Successful growing organisations are inevitably similar to walking in the mud. No matter how in shape you are, you become heavier with every step. Our platform allows a single executive to outsource product building, whether it's an internal tool, a blockchain proof of concept, a promotional game etc., while maintaining full control over the outcome."

Dragonera, which is based in Tel Aviv, is said to be one of Hogeg's "most recent babies and a project he is super involved with", according to his spokeswoman.

Hogeg has backed the company with $3 million (£2.4 million) in venture capital funding through his Singulariteam investment company.

Hogeg, who used to lead a team of 150 soldiers in an "elite unit" for the Israeli Defence Forces, is also the cofounder of a mobile phone company called Sirin, which has developed a $16,000 smartphone called Solarin. He's also the cofounder of the Yo! app and social media company Mobli.

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