The Company Crushing Apple And Samsung In China Has A New Plan To Take Over Your Entire Home


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which passed both Apple and Samsung to become the most popular smartphone maker in China last year, just announced a new connected home strategy.


During the company's new smartphone announcement, it revealed plans to create an attachable module that can transform any ordinary household gadget like a lamp or coffee maker into a "smart" device, according to Tech In Asia.


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Xiaomi would sell the modules to third-party gadget and appliance makers, but the devices would be controlled using the company's own app. It's unclear exactly how the modules will be sold and when Xiaomi will start selling them to vendors. 

This idea that Xiaomi is getting into the smart home space isn't necessarily new, but it provides some insight as to what type of approach the company is taking. Back in October, the company unveiled a handful of smart home gadgets like the Mi Smart Power Plug and the Ants smart webcam, but now we have a clearer idea of where Xiaomi's smart home strategy is headed. 


Xiaomi is one of many consumer tech companies working on internet-connected home appliances. Apple announced its HomeKit platform in June, which would essentially act as a hub for smart home gadgets. Samsung said at this year's Consumer Electronics Showcase that 100% of its products will focus on the Internet of Things within five years.