The editor in chief of a magazine that reaches more than 16 million people worldwide shares her best career advice


robbie myers elle

Sarah Jacobs

Robbie Myers, editor in chief of Elle.

Robbie Myers has been the editor in chief of Elle Magazine in the US for more than 15 years.


The publication is the biggest fashion magazine in the world, with 44 international editions that reach over 16 million women globally through its print, digital, mobile, and social platforms.

Recently, Myers let Business Insider's Madeline Stone and Sarah Jacobs shadow her for a day, from her early morning juice to her many, many meetings.

Before they left, she shared her best career advice:

"You should not be trying to get the big job, you should be trying to get the next job.


"You should be getting good at what you're doing. If you spend years frustrated that your talents are not being put to good use, that's kind of on you. You should figure out how to put them to good use in your current position.

And, she added, "just get everyone's phone number, because as you go through your life, you'll think of a reason to call them up."

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