The End of Small Talk - The Weather Company launches in India with region specific features

The End of Small Talk - The Weather Company launches in India with region specific features
We may not default to weather as just small talk anymore.

With India battling a crazy and unpredictable spate of weather events in 13 of its states recently, it is perhaps time to take weather seriously.

And keeping that critical mission in mind, Times Bridge - the global investment arm of the Times Group - announced its new partnership in India with The Weather Channel today.

The partnership aims to bring in personalised weather data and climate coverage that is specific to the Indian subcontinent.

The acclaimed weather forecasting and technology company launched the Indian edition of the app and website today. This is currently available in English but plans to launch the Hindi version are in the pipeline.


The Weather Company wants to address the challenges of India’s various climate regions, agricultural areas and volatile weather shifts by analysing raw data from primary sources. The IBM business pegs itself as the ‘the most accurate forecaster in the world’ and wants to connect the Indian audience to information that is specific to their region and relevant to their surroundings.

The launch timing could not have been more poignant. The inclement weather events are fast mutating the economic fortune of the country. The monsoon is a critical driver for the country's farm-dependent $2 trillion economy as at least half the farmlands are rain-fed. The country gets about 70% of annual rainfall in the June-September monsoon season, making it crucial for an estimated 263 million farmers.

It is quite evident that India needs a smart and hyper-local weather forecasting channel with an actionable advisory oriented approach.

Weather plans to publish temperature and wind maps for the region, along with satellite, radar and alerts. User-friendly features include forecasts to help with health decisions and lifestyle choices via the application of air pollution indices, cricket forecasts, and a sweat index among other things. The culmination of which should result in daily planning recommendations based on the data available.

“At a macro level, the effect of climate change is perhaps one of the most pressing issues of our time. At a micro level, having an accurate forecast helps people plan their wardrobes, commutes and crops. Building solid reporting institutions around this spectrum is critical,” said Thane Richard, Times Bridge’s Senior Director of Publishing and Creative.

The impact of weather can in no way be underestimated given the current climatic changes and the Weather Channel aims to help you understand and make better decisions around the weather.

Download the app on the Play Store through The Weather Channel App or login to

Disclaimer: Business Insider is also a partner with the Times Group in India.