The first self-driving Ford could be a delivery van


ford driverless van


The first self-driving Ford could come in the form of a delivery van.


Ford has said that it plans to roll out a fleet of fully self-driving vehicles for a ride-hailing or car-sharing service in 2021. But the company wrote in a press release Tuesday that the vehicle could also be part of a package delivery fleet.

Ford showcased its vision for a self-driving delivery van at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

Details about the delivery van are scarce, especially since Ford has only released a single rendering of the boxy delivery van. But Ford said its "Autolivery" concept is electric and capable of Level 4 autonomy, meaning it can drive itself in certain geographic locations.

Ford isn't the first automaker to explore delivery van concepts.


Mercedes unveiled an electric delivery van concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The van came with a drone that could automatically pull packages from the van's shelves and drop them at the door.