The former owner of the LA Dodgers gives her best advice for women who want to earn more


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Jamie McCourt.

Until 2009, Jamie McCourt co-owned the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team with her then-husband, Frank McCourt, and served as its CEO.


That was before a brutal divorce that put her family life in the headlines as Frank took control of the Dodgers - and the majority of their fortune.

Seven years later, the now-CEO of investment firm Jamie Enterprises has reinvented herself as an angel investor, lending her expertise and her money to startups such as Zipcar.

Now, she's touring big-name business schools such as Columbia, MIT, and Harvard to speak to young women about money, and why it's so important they be truly aware of theirs.

One of the points she makes in her talk is based on her experience as CEO of the Dodgers: Women need to speak up about their salaries.


"Let's be honest," she told Business Insider in a phone interview. "If someone came to me for a raise at the Dodgers, men would ask exactly for what they want - and they're insistent about it. With women, you're lucky if they ask at all."

McCourt, who is exploring starting a financial literacy initiative for girls as young as middle school, hopes young women can learn from her experiences. "I always thought: 'If I keep my head down and I work hard, I'm going to get a bigger raise.'" However, that approach rarely leads to high earnings.

"If women do finally ask, they're fearful to ask for a huge raise," she continues. "Sometimes I tell women: Ask for double, because the worst thing they can do is say no. You don't get fired for asking, especially if you're doing a good job."

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