The latest leaked photo of the iPhone 7 is the best yet


There's been a lot of leaks recently of the iPhone 7, which Apple is expected to launch this fall.


But this latest purported look at the iPhone 7's aluminum body, via Steve Hemmerstoffer at, may be the best yet.

iPhone 7 Boitier Dore

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Here's what to look for in this image:

  • The leaked shell shows a 4.7-inch iPhone. Apple is also expected to release at least one 5.5-inch model as well.
  • The antenna lines have been moved to the top and bottom of the casing, but overall it's fairly similar to the iPhone 6S.
  • The camera hole is substantially larger, which indicates an upgraded camera.

Aside from what this leaked photo can show us, there's quite a bit of information about the upcoming phone that's already been rumored. For instance:


  • The iPhone 7 is likely to lack a headphone jack, leaving users to plug in headphones through the Lightning charging port or pair wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • There's been a bunch of rumors about a new Home button that doesn't physically click.
  • The iPhone 7's base model will start with 32GB of storage
  • The iPhone 7 is expected to be waterproof.
  • The iPhone 7 might not be called the "iPhone 7" - Apple may revisit its naming convention.

Apple typically releases new iPhones in September, so we'll know if this leaked part is authentic then.

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