The misconceptions and myths associated with Entrepreneurship

The misconceptions and myths associated with
EntrepreneurshipStrong idealism is a positive quality for potential entrepreneurs, so when I see potential business founders discuss that they are so excited to start a business, I'm charmed. Be that as it may, realism is additionally a necessary quality for entrepreneurs to have, and sadly many new entrepreneurs are so caught up in the energy of their new venture, they dismiss a portion of the realities of business ownership.

With that in mind, you might want to consider these myths associated with entrepreneurship before jumping into a venture

It’s all about overnight success

When people tell you, “Entrepreneurship equals overnight success”, ignore it because it’s trash. The problem with the majority is, they read the stories of these entrepreneurs, what they don’t read is the massive struggle behind that overnight success. The truth is—“Overnight success takes 10 years of massive struggle.”

You decide your working hours


It’s your own business; you have a thousand of things running on your mind: How to raise funds, how to expand your business, Revenues, etc. If you’re dedicated enough you’ll chant your financials in your dream. You talk about hours, you’ll be involved for years, without thinking—“Enough work man!”

It's always risky

Many individuals think beginning a business is very risky. It doesn't have to be. The best entrepreneurs I know are highly risk averse; testing everything to ensure they're settling on the best decisions. It's substantially more risky to be dependent on one company to give you a corporate allowance every month, which can end at any moment. That is risky.

Debt is necessary

I'm tired of seeing entrepreneurs preach that you're not passionate about your idea unless you're willing to surrender everything for it. A lot of individuals begin successful business while never straying into the red.

Entrepreneurship isn't simple, and it isn't generally fun, yet it is exceptionally rewarding for the individuals who commit to it. Jump in with a down to earth mind and a passionate heart, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.