The Most Beautiful Storytelling App Is Now On iPhone


Storehouse for iPhone


Storehouse began as a gorgeous iPad app for telling highly visual stories.


The app won an Apple Design award earlier this year, and its clean layout keeps the focus on the photos and videos that make up the visual narratives that people have created.

Today, Storehouse arrives on the iPhone, making the app into a mobile creation tool for photographers looking to create visual stories on the fly.

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"Coming to the iPhone was always a big request from our community and our users in a big sense, because the device is connected to the most popular camera out there," Storehouse founder Mark Kawano told Business Insider.

Kawano, Apple's former design lead for iPhoto, considers Storehouse for iPhone a powerful tool for photographers, allowing for a more casual style of storytelling that allows photographers to live in the moment a bit more.


"After you go to a meal or leave a rocket concert or something like that, transferring your photos to the iPad is a very deliberate storytelling process," said Kawano. "The longer the time between the time of something happening and you posting about it, the quality needs to be better in a lot of people's mind."

When you first open up Storehouse, you're greeted with a stream of curated stories that act as great examples of how powerful Storehouse narratives can be. You can also search for stories based on their topic, and a new hashtag system makes tagging and searching a lot easier.

Storehouse iPhone app


You can still completely customize the layout of your photos in Storehouse, but when you import photos using Storehouse for iPhone, the app will automatically choose a layout that looks great. If you want to go back later and tweak or reorganize, you can.

Storehouse also integrates with iOS 8's new Extensions feature, meaning you can edit your photos within your favorite editing app and then easily import them into Storehouse, without even opening the app.


Viewing Storehouse stories will always look better on the larger screen real estate offered by the 9.7-inch iPad, but they still look fantastic on the iPhone, and the clean interface seamlessly shrinks down without feeling scrunched.

It's easy to see how photographers could get used to using the iPhone app when they're out and about, but perhaps showcasing their favorites to friends with the iPad, where the magnificence of photos is easier understood. The nice thing is that the two apps work hand-in-hand.

If you're interested in trying out Storehouse for iPhone, you can download the app for free right here.