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The most overrated beers in America - and what you should be drinking instead

The most overrated beers in America - and what you should be drinking instead
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The US now has more breweries than ever before, recently surpassing the record set more than 100 years ago. However, with so many beers to choose from, a trip to the bar can be overwhelming.

So, Business Insider consulted some experts on what beers are overrated and passé, and what beers you should be ordering instead.

Here's what they told us.

Evan Puchalsky, beverage manager, The ONE Group

Overrated beer:

"Not Your Daddy's Root Beer… although it isn't your typical beer. I think this is a fad and will be passing through like Zima… remember that?!"

Drink this instead:

"Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA. It has the hoppiness of the IPA mixed perfectly with the traditional style Belgian whit. It has a great balance that pleases everyone's palate."

Marc Stroobandt, beer sommelier

Overrated beer:

"I would argue there's no such thing as an overrated beer. For one, everyone has their own opinion on the best beers around and while trends in beer styles, seasonality and regional motivators help influence the next beer we grab, ultimately your palate has the final say."

Drink this instead:

"While beer drinkers have now made this the most popular type of beer consumed in the world, I would say lagers are underrated when it comes to talk value and appreciation. Lagers are a relative newcomer to the beer scene compared to ales, but a lager's quality and craftsmanship are punctuated by its' crisp taste and smooth finish."

"To get specific, a light lager such as Michelob ULTRA allows folks to keep an eye on their carbs and calories without sacrificing taste, as the premium lager weighs in at only 95 calories and 2.6 g carbs per 12 oz. serving. The taste profile includes subtle fruit and citrus aromas complementing this light-bodied beer's smooth and refreshing taste."

Charles E. Rogers, director of supplier and category solutions, Daymon Worldwide

Overrated beer:

"They are admittedly the leading players in the category in terms of sales velocity and marketing muscle, but any brand or style with the Bud, Miller or Coors name on it is overrated. Mass production of beer generally leaves me "flat", and filled up with a liquid that usually lacks some good dimension and depth to the experience. Why waste the calories and time?"

Drink this instead:

"Right now, I'd say any locally produced beer is underrated and likely an outstanding option to experience either at your local restaurant, favorite pub or, if available in an off-premise format like bottles, at home. Regional tastes, affiliations and other taste profile preferences vary across the U.S., but can be equally impressive."

Darby Hughes, trends analyst, Quench

Overrated beer:

"IPAs have just been pumped up so much in recent years. I just feel like brewers, especially craft brewers, are just pumping them so full of hops."

Drink this instead:

"I've been very excited about the arrival of Fat Tire. It's just this awesome amber lager - and it's delicious. And, it just recently made its arrival to Pennsylvania."

Drew Larson, certified Cicerone sommelier and adjunct faculty, Kendall College

Overrated beer:

"I'm going to tell you a word I think is very overrated in the industry right now: craft. The term has become wildly overrated in denoting a beer's quality. 'Craft' was applied to small, independent brewers in the beginning of this boom when there weren't a lot of beer options. These brewers used expensive ingredients and 100% malts. They sweat and bled over their passion and fought for their businesses to eek by."

"I've had very poorly made craft beers by small brewers and I've had amazing beers by huge conglomerate brewers, politics of business practices aside. 'Craft' no longer is a mark of the quality of a beer."

Drink this instead:

"I think the Extra Special Bitters (ESB) is an underrated style. Here is the irony: Americans hate the word bitter! Yet we are madly in love with India Pale Ales (IPAs). The defining characteristic of an IPA is its bitterness. People go nuts over the next highest IBU (International Bittering Unit) beer, but if the name of the beer uses "bitter," they don't want it."

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