The Newest Danger To Tour De France Cyclists: People Taking Selfies


Selfie Tour de France

A cyclist slaps a smartphone out of the hand of a spectator

Cyclists competing in this year's Tour de France have a new obstacle to dodge: spectators blocking the road and turning their backs to passing cyclists to take selfies.


Millions of fans have already turned out to watch the event, which started in Yorkshire, England. In an attempt to get as close to the action as possible, smartphone-happy fans are stepping through the throngs of viewers and into the raceway to take selfies with passing-by cyclists. There's a hashtag for the photos: #TDFselfie.

Zoe Doyle's selfie has been widely circulated on Twitter, drawing much criticism for her caption: "Nearly died taking #TDFselfie"

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The selfie-takers are getting dangerously close to the cyclists, turning their backs on the fast-moving riders to get the perfect shot.

Other spectators have opted for safer selfies, if they're taking them at all.


American cyclist Tejay van Garderen was vocal on Twitter about his disdain for the phenomenon.

Cyclist Geraint Thomas said he's already dodged selfie-takers in the road during the first two stages of the race, reports the BBC. He's described the selfie-takers as ""the new pain in the arse" for riders.

"For sure, it was a bit dodgy at times," he said. "The worst thing is when people have got their back to the peloton taking selfies. There were a few. They don't see us coming, they're stood in the road and it's dodgy."