The Pope's New Car Is A 1984 Renault


The new pope has so far made good on his promise to live a humbler life than that of his predecessor. He has abandoned the Mercedes-Benz Popemobile and gone for a 2008 Ford Focus, and now he's picked up an even less luxurious ride.


It's a 1984 Renault4. And it's got 186,000 miles on the odometer.

According to the Catholic News Agency, Italian pastor Rev. Renzo Zocca donated the car to Francis after using it for years to drive around Verona, Italy.

The Pope used to drive a Renault4 when he was living in Argentina. According to the Washington Times, this one has a new engine, and Francis intends to use it for getting around the grounds of the Vatican.

Here's Francis with Rev. Zocca, his assistant Luigi Macchioni, auto repairman Sefano Veronesi, and the ride:


pope francis 1984 renault 4