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The reign of smartphones end here!

The reign of smartphones end
IndiaSmallbusiness2 min read
As technology is a cycle of updates, it's no wonder most consumers are searching for the next best smartphone. The new smartphone upgrade and leasing plans have consumers considering the switch to a new device a lot sooner than they have before.

The Pixel has simply tipped the scales, and it did right as we’re moving towards a different direction altogether. Additionally, the Google Assistant, which lives in the Pixel, is so powerful, and we're headed for more of that. With such a large number of voice-controlled, non-smartphone devices in our homes, it’s beyond any doubt that we're at a flux point.

Smartphone consumers think AI will assume control of numerous common activities, for example, searching the net, getting travel directions, and as personal assistants. The survey found that 44 percent think an AI system would be on a par with a teacher and 33% might want an AI interface to stay with them. A third would preferably believe the fidelity of an AI interface than a human for sensitive matters; and 29 percent concur they would feel more comfortable talking about their medical condition with an AI system.

But what will replace smartphones?

Imagine if you didn't need to pick up that phone. Rather than typing out an email answer, you just said boisterously, and dictated your email. AI can possibly expel the requirement for smartphones as well as desktop devices.

For instance imagine ordering a pizza with your smartphone. To order, you need to pick up the phone, turn it on, search the app, open the app, and go through all the steps to complete your order. Now imagine making that same order by using a voice-activated assistant implanted in the walls of your home. To make the same order, you just call from the solace of your couch—or anyplace else.

But those extra steps may become unnecessary soon, and have already in some cases. Simply ask anyone with an Amazon Echo or Google Home and you’ll know the direction we’re heading.

As AI continues to work its way into our lives, the possibilities to enhance our encounters only surpass our imaginations. Each time you expressed, 'I wish my phone could' odds are AI could provide that solution. The day may not be far away when the majority of people aren't out of voice range from their AI