The 'smart' way Barcelona is cutting costs and improving the quality of life



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Barcelona was honored as the world's smartest city this year, beating out London, Singapore, and New York in connected infrastructure, citizen engagement, technological capability, and use of open data sources.

Barcelona's pilot program, which launched in 2011, has since developed into 22 different programs encompassing more than 200 projects and implementations under the umbrella of the city's Municipal Institute of Information Technology, the department that handles the city's IT environment. Many cities are already connecting their infrastructure to IoT devices like sensors and smart meters. But few cities are as far along in that effort as Barcelona.

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In a new report, BI Intelligence examines how other municipalities can learn from Barcelona's development into a smart city, how cities' investments in IoT technologies will grow over time, and how those investments will impact urban economies worldwide.

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Here are some of the key findings from the report:

In this report we will also:

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