The US Navy Just Uploaded The Sickest Slo-Mo Video Of A Ballistic Missile Defense Test


The U.S. Navy recently conducted a test of its Aegis missile defense system off the coast of Hawaii.


The USS Erie launched the missile, which intercepted the "most sophisticated target to date," reports Scientific American.

This test, called FTM-21 (Flight Test - Standard Missile), sent two Aegis guided missiles to intercept one short-range ballistic missile with a near simultaneous impact.

"This latest test is the first time we have seen USS Lake Erie, sailors, and Aegis BMD Weapon System schedule, analyze, launch and control multiple missiles in flight through intercept at the same time," Nick Bucci, Director of BMD Development Programs at Lockheed Martin's Mission Systems & Training business, told reporters.

The Aegis missile has a range that enables it to take out a low-orbit satellite, and mobile aboard U.S. destroyers, the guidance system has demonstrated the ability to take out a short-range ballistic missile and a cruise missile at the same time.


It is, in short, the Dikembe Mutombo of missile defense systems.