The very first tweets from famous tech execs like Elon Musk and Marissa Mayer


Satya Nadella

Flickr/Heisenberg Media

In the same way that no one likes looking at pictures of themselves from middle school, re-discovering your first tweet can be embarrassing.  

You used to have to scroll tiresomely through every old post to dig them up, but a new discovery feature in Twitter now allows you to bite-the-bullet with ease: simply type the Twitter handle in question into the search bar and click on the magnifying glass.

Because Twitter turned nine this year, many tech execs started tweeting ages ago and have racked up thousands of tweets. However, not all of them had a particularly grand Twitter debut. They run the gamut from boring, cryptic, self-endorsing, to just kind of bizarre.

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Here are the first 140-characters-or-fewer of some well-known tech execs.