The World's Hottest Smartphone Company Just Unveiled A Dirt Cheap Roku Competitor The Size Of A Phone Charger


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi just announced a new $30 set-top box that's so tiny you might mistake it for a smartphone power adapter.


The Mi Box Mini runs on Android and supports Dolby DTS audio and 1080p output to TVs, which means you'll be able to stream in full HD. It comes with its own Bluetooth remote and is available in a ton of different color options including red, orange, purple, blue, and yellow.

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It's much smaller than Xiaomi's previously released streaming device, the Mi Box.


At $30, Xiaomi's new Mi Box is cheaper than Google's Chromecast ($35) and the Roku Stick ($50). Despite its small size, it runs on a quad-core processor, which means it should be able handle multiple tasks without getting overwhelmed.

The box will be available for preorder starting Jan. 20, and orders are expected to ship a week later.