The world's most popular trivia app is getting a sequel, and it will completely change how you play


Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack, the massively popular trivia app with over 160 million users worldwide, built its cult following around user-generated content.


Now app developer Etermax is taking Trivia Crack's customization to the next level, announcing a sequel that will allow anyone to create trivia channels built around their specific interests.

As Trivia Crack ascended to the top of the app store, there was a common complaint, Etermax CEO Maximo Cavazzani told Business Insider. People wanted to answer questions about topics they were passionate about, not just about the most popular categories.

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Trivia Crack version 2.0 sets out to fix this.

Here's how it will work. Any person or organization will be able to create their own "channel," for which they'll create questions, or curate them from other users. Think of them like a YouTube channel. Users will be able to play games in any of these channels depending on their interests.


And like YouTube, Trivia Crack's sequel will also have premium content partners with their own channels. These partners include not only brands like Time Inc. and iHeartRadio, but also nonprofits like Greenpeace. These partners will write trivia questions adapted from their own content, and also be able to approve questions that users submit.

Cavazzani says the idea for the focus on channels came from the repeated requests the company would get, from everyone from small teachers to large nonprofits, to build them a Trivia Crack of their own. "But we decided why build it for one, two, three partners, instead of the whole world," he says.

Trivia Crack Etermax team


Maximo Cavazzani, with some of the Etermax team.

This pivot bears similarities to QuizUp, the trivia app Trivia Crack dethroned, which raised nearly $27 million from venture capitalists and allowed users to compete in specific categories like spices or British Royals. QuizUp's founder Thor Fridriksson told Business Insider in May he didn't even think of it as a game anymore, but "a social network based around interests."

Everything in the new Trivia Crack seems tailored toward individual interest. One feature Cavazzani highlights allows you to play against a friend even if your trivia tastes don't overlap at all. Users will be able to create a single trivia match that constructs each player's questions only from channels they personally follow. So if your friend loves the History Channel, and you hate it, you can play against each other without you having to answer questions about Alexander the Great.


And for those who are still loyal to the original game, the original Trivia Crack will still be supported, and receive updates. Cavazzani says the original game will be more of a "gaming" experience, with new collectible items, while the new version will be focused on "discovery."

Look for the new Trivia Crack in the third quarter of this year.

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