A TikToker said she was trolled for how she did her eyebrows, but instead of getting mad she took the viewer's advice — and went hugely viral as a result

A TikToker said she was trolled for how she did her eyebrows, but instead of getting mad she took the viewer's advice — and went hugely viral as a result
A TikToker revealed her new look after a viewer commented on her eyebrows, in a mega viral video.TikTok: @keelyamelia
  • A TikToker said she received a message from a viewer who judged how she did her eyebrows.
  • She said she took on board the criticism and got an eyebrow lamination and tint.

A TikToker who said she received criticism about her appearance thanked the viewer in question, saying she'd taken the advice and revealed her new look in a mega-viral video.

On March 8, a TikToker who goes by Keely shared a video that showed her speaking directly to the camera, while one of her hands covered her forehead. At the start of the upload she said, "This video is for the girl that messaged me that I don't do my eyebrows very well." It's unclear which video the message was in response to, but she continued by saying the person had suggested they would look "way better" if they had a "brow lamination and tint" instead.

@keelyamelia The literal best constructive critiscm i have ever recieved in my life #browlamination ♬ original sound - Keely

After pausing for a moment, the TikToker then removed her hand to reveal her eyebrows, which had a softer, more feathered appearance than in previous videos, and said, "I owe you my life." The caption read, "The literal best constructive criticism i have ever received in my life" alongside the hashtag #BrowLamination.

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that involves essentially "perming" the eyebrows and sets them in place, with the goal of creating a shiny, smooth look.

The short clip went mega-viral, receiving over 32.2 million views. In the past, social media content creators and influencers have called out trolls and haters for commenting on their physical appearance, however Keely didn't seem to mind, and her video prompted a response from over 9,950 viewers in the comments, many of which complimented her new look.


"This video singlehandedly convinced me to book a brow lamination appt," one viewer wrote in a comment which received over 90,800 likes. "The very first brow lamination that looks actually PERFECT," read another comment that was liked 476 times.

Others applauded the viewer who messaged the TikToker with the advice. "Sometimes the hate ends up being the best help," one viewer wrote, receiving 3,400 likes. "That awkward moment when the 'hater' is right and really just wanted to help you out," another commenter added.

Some comments took the video as permission to give extra advice on how Amelia could potentially improve her look further, suggesting she limits the mascara to her top eyelashes, and leaves the "inner corner bare."

"Yall im actually embarrassed w how i did my eyebrows before why did NO ONE TELL ME," the TikToker wrote beneath her own video, which received 31,100 likes.

Keely has over 930,000 followers on TikTok where she shares morning routine videos, vlogs, and updates on her upcoming wedding.


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