A Twitch streamer said she traveled 30 hours to meet her chat moderator after they fell in love without ever having met

A Twitch streamer said she traveled 30 hours to meet her chat moderator after they fell in love without ever having met
Jess met her new partnerJannik on Twitch.@jessticles/Twitch/Twitter
  • A Twitch streamer named Jess traveled for 30 hours to meet her moderator after they fell in love.
  • She introduced him to her online community, who were delighted by the story.

A Twitch streamer has traveled 30 hours from Australia to Germany to meet her chat moderator after the pair fell in love without ever having met.

Jess, who requested to be referred to only by her first name due to privacy concerns, streams horror-themed games under the name @jjessticles. Jess and her partner Jannik, who also requested to be referred to by his first name, originally met on the livestreaming platform Twitch at the beginning of this year. Jannik told Insider, "I found Jess' channel because I laughed at the username @jjessticles."

Jess, whose main source of income is not Twitch (she has 1,500 subscribers) told Insider that when Jannik joined her stream, she was talking about recent life events such as her health and living situations. Jannik said that what Jess spoke about really resonated with him.

Their first conversation happened in the livestream chat, but they quickly moved to DMs to talk one-on-one and developed a friendship from there. Eventually, Jannik began moderating Jess' chat because they "shared the same views and intentions for the community," according to Jess.


A Twitch streamer said she traveled 30 hours to meet her chat moderator after they fell in love without ever having met
The pair are currently living together in Germany.@jjesticles

Twitch moderators (also known as mods) are commonly appointed by creators to ensure that livestream chats meet the streamer's standards — their role is typically to remove any offensive posts or spam. Jess had three moderators prior to Jannik, and told Insider that he is now a permanent part of her "mod squad."

The pair, both of whom are in their early 30s, grew even closer after Jannik began moderating the chat, and eventually fell in love.

"The connection we had was undeniable and we didn't want to be physically apart anymore," Jess said, explaining that she was based in Darwin, Australia, and Jannik lives in Northern Germany. Jess decided to buy a plane ticket for October 25, traveling over 30 hours to see him.

The couple, who are currently living in Germany, has said that their focus for the future is to spend their lives together, and not be separated by distance. Jess said, "We can't confirm where the final move will be, only that we are making the decision together as a team."

Jess's followers loved the story of her unexpected romance

Jess tweeted about the journey on October 25, writing, "Accidentally fell in love with my twitch mod so I flew 30+ hours to be with him." The tweet, which was accompanied by a photo of the pair kissing at the airport, received over 2,000 likes and 100 quote-tweets.


Many said the story was extremely "cute" and said how happy they were for the couple. Some people also shared their own stories of "accidentally" falling in love with people they met on Twitch and other social media platforms.

"The positive responses to the tweet are extremely overwhelming for both of us, but in the best possible way. We feel the extreme amount of love we share for each other but to also have others feel it and support us is something neither of us ever expected," Jess said.

Neither Jess nor Jannik expected a love story to emerge out of Twitch. Jess said, "We had absolutely no intention of using the platform to search for love. We couldn't be more surprised to find the loves of our lives on the opposite side of the planet."

Jess introduced her new partner to her Twitch followers in a stream posted on October 25. "This is the biggest rollercoaster that either of us has ever been on. Never felt anything like this. It doesn't compare to anything else and it never will," she said.

Jannik added, "I had like 300 emotions in two minutes."


Now that they are together, Jannik will continue to be Jess' moderator on Twitch. Jess said, "Helping to mod the @jjessticles channel is just one of the small and fun ways we support each other and is a very common thing for partners of streamers to assist in keeping their Twitch community safe. We support each other in every way, Twitch is just one small part."

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