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Acute skin problems in the summer

Acute skin problems in the summer
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New Delhi, July 8 (IANSlife) Summers are for eating mangoes, watermelons, and other nutrient fruit like apricots. The bright sun improves of Vitamin D and lightens our mood as the sweat detoxifies us making us lose weight. Monsoons are for blissful rainy days and cups of tea with samosa. But this is the time when your skin can break out leading to acute skin problems which can spoil all the fun.

Your skin and hair, especially uncovered parts are victim to harsh rays of the Sun, harmful polluted gases and humidity, add to that the woes of wearing a protective mask most times.

The situation is aggravated by more sweating which acts like a magnet and attracts the dust particles as well as pollutant. Summers and monsoons have a combination of heat and more sweat which leads to an increase in the skin problems.

Dr Swati Mohan, Senior Consultant, Dermatology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad shares skin problems and solutions for these months :

Dehydration: Hot weather causes water loss from body increases sweating and cause dehydrations

Sun-burn: Excessive exposure to sun especially between 11 am to 4 pm can create an acute sun-burn.

Dry irritated skin: Even with a hot & humid outdoors air one can have a dry & irritated skin due to culprits like air conditioning, pool & off course sun.

Prickly Heat / Heat Rash: Because sweat can not get out it builds under your skin causing itchy tiny bumps because of sweat create a prickly sense which is very troublesome.

Skin Allergies: People on antibiotics like doxy, ciproflox (Flu, Antifungal, Anti-depressant like Amitriptyline makes more sensitive to sun & heat. hair dryer, mehendi, perfumes disinfects on sun can create severe rash. Sum sun rashes can induce systematic disease like Lupus Erythematosus, Porphyrias etc.

Fungal Infection: Fungal infection is warm and damp environment especially if one wear tight clothes, denims or synthetic clothes for long time. Fungal infections like athlete foot (due to excessive wearing shoes), Jockey Itch (Fungus Infections) are troublesome and need to be treated.

The best form of prevention is to drink plenty of water and cooling drinks like lime water, jaljeeras, coconut water and fruit like water melon.

Regular shampoo and mild cleansers are best for baths. The use of a fragrance-free moisturiser within 5 minutes of your bath helps keep the moisturiser in the skin.

Temperature of air conditioning should be moderated as it makes your room too dry.

Use antifungal products or talcum powder, cooling agents like calamine. Protection from sun is of course like most important lotion precaution.

Sun Safety

Slip on T-shirts

Slip-on Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen of 30 SPF at least 45 minutes before go out

Slip on broad brimmed hat

Slip on Sunglasses

Shade from sun wherever possible

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