Top 5 coldest cities of the world you might want to go to for your next vacation

Top 5 coldest cities of the world you might want to go to for your next vacation
NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2019 (Xinhua) -- Visitors enjoy the snow scenery in Central Park in New York, the United States, on Dec. 3, 2019. The first snowfall of the season hit New York City on Monday. (Xinhua/Han Fang/IANS)

  • There are a few extremely cold cities in the world which makes habitation a challenge.
  • It is a real wonder to see how people living in these areas manage to bear such bitter cold temperatures.
  • Here is a list of top 5 coldest cities in the world which will surprise you as to the ruthless lows the weather can dip into.
The climate and weather are never uniform throughout the world. Abundance of rain and prolonged exposure to the Sun around the equators have led to the growth of rain forests in some areas and deserts in others.

Countries in the tropical regions experience four different patterns of weather in a year -- summer, winter, autumn and spring. In regions around the poles and high altitudes, we find extreme cold temperatures. It is a real wonder to see how people manage to live in some coldest cities. Here we discuss about top five coldest cities on the earth.

These are the top 5 coldest cities in the world that have reported the lowest temperatures in the hierarchical order.

Dudinka (Russia)

In the Siberian territory of Russia, Dudinka is a town on the banks of the Yenisei River - situated above the Arctic Circle. This city is home to 20,000 people. Dudinka which is known as the northernmost city of the world, reports the harshest climates ever. The minimum temperature in January in an average can get to minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit (- 33 degrees Celsius), while high temperatures are at an average of - 12 F (- 24.5 C).

Harbin (China)


The capital of Heilongjiang province, Harbin is situated in the Northeastern China and houses about 10,000 people. They call it the ice city due to its extreme cold temperatures. So much so, the city hosts one of the largest ice festivals of the world popularly known as the Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival. In January, the lowest average temperature reported here is between - 8 F and - 12 F (-22 to - 24 C).

Winnipeg (Canada)

Housing about 715,000 people, Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba Province. Among the major cities of North America, this is the coldest. The January low temperatures here are between – 5 and – 9F. (- 20 to - 22 C). In the past, -45 C and – 47.8 C were recorded here in 1966 and 1879 respectively.

Yakutsk (Russia)

Yakutsk is the capital of the Sakha Republic of Russia and the city experiences some of the most severe winters of the world. The city is home to about 282,400 people, and is located only at about 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. The lowest temperature in January can dip down from - 38 to minus 42 F. In 1891, the city recorded its lowest ever temperature at – 64 C.

Yellowknife (Canada)

The capital of Canada’s Northwest provinces, Yellowknife is at about 320 miles from the Arctic Circle. More than 20,000 people reside in this city. The normal temperature in the month of January can reach up to -26 F (- 32 C) in Yellowknife. The normal high temperature also does not go up above - 7 F (- 21 C). In 1947, the city recorded its coldest temperature at - 60 F (- 51 C). In 2014, the city received the title, Coldest Canadian City’.