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I'm always cold, but this $30 sweatshirt blanket keeps me warm year round

Amanda Krause   

I'm always cold, but this $30 sweatshirt blanket keeps me warm year round
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I find myself wearing my Huggle at all times of the year, from winter to summer.    Amanda Krause/Insider
  • Back in December 2019, I received a Huggle as a Christmas gift from my family, who knows that I'm always cold.
  • Now, the blanket-sweatshirt hybrid has become a staple of my daily life — especially as I work from home where the air conditioner is always blasting.
  • Huggles retail for $29.99, and are dupes for the $39.99 Comfy shirt-blankets, which were made famous on "Shark Tank."
  • I personally love the Huggle because it's affordable, comfortable, and keeps me warm all year, though I'd recommend any similar product.

Regardless of the temperature outside, I'm almost always cold.

In the winter, of course, I dread days when I have to trudge through snow, leaving me cold from head to toe. But even in the summer, I find myself carrying a zip-up hoodie everywhere I go to combat air conditioning that will inevitably blast inside every building.

However, I've recently discovered a product that helps keep me warm all year round: the Huggle.

The Huggle is an As-Seen-On-TV dupe of a famous 'Shark Tank' product

As described on its website, the Huggle is an oversized hoodie made from "luxurious blanket fabric." It has a hood, giant sleeves that cinch at the wrist, and a large pocket across the bodice.

The Huggle is also reversible, so you can enjoy both fuzzy fabric and soft, blanket material.

as seen in tv huggle
Huggles typically retail for $29.99.      Amazon

Sold online and in stores like Walgreens, Huggles typically retail for $29.99. They're a bit cheaper than the original sweatshirt-blanket hybrid called the Comfy, which retails for $39.99. The latter product was made famous after it appeared on "Shark Tank," and has since inspired a line of socks and blanket pullovers.

I received a Huggle as a gift in December, and have worn it practically every day since

On Christmas morning, my parents excitedly handed me a giant gift bag. As I pulled tissue paper out to reveal a blue Huggle, I was a bit confused, but quickly realized upon reading the packaging that I must have always needed such a product and simply never realized it.

Now, not a day goes by where I don't wear a Huggle, whether I'm lounging on my couch, doing housework, or even working from home. I love the sweatshirt blanket so much that I've even purchased a second one, so that I have another to wear when my original is being washed.

review of huggle
Most days, I can be found lounging while wrapped inside my Huggle.      Amanda Krause/Insider

In my opinion, the best thing about Huggles is that you're able to stay warm wherever you go while wearing one. If you get comfortable on your couch while wrapped in a Huggle, you can get up for a snack and still stay cozy. That wouldn't be as easy with a standard blanket unless you made the effort to lug it to the kitchen with you.

I'm also a big fan of the two kinds of fabric Huggles are made with. The velvet-like fabric found on the outside of the hoodie still feels as soft as the first day I wore it.

The white, fluffy interior is also nice, though it requires more work to keep it soft. After washing my Huggle multiple times, for example, I've found that the fabric has become slightly matted, and must be brushed to achieve the same softness it once had.

huggle fabric
Huggles are made from two soft fabrics.      Amanda Krause/Insider

The length of the Huggle is another perk. I'm 5-foot-2, and the sweatshirt blanket stretches to just above my knees when standing. But because the Huggle is so oversized and roomy, I can pretty much wrap the sweatshirt around my entire body when sitting.

huggle blanket
My Huggle reaches from my shoulders to my knees.      Amanda Krause/Insider

There are other options on the market. Snuggies, for example, were one of the first blankets with sleeves to become popular, and they're still sold today. While I've tried Snuggies and enjoyed them in the past, I've personally found that they're not as warm as Huggles. They're also a bit too long and baggy, in my opinion, though they cost less at $14.99 per blanket.

And while I haven't worn the original Comfy, the blankets have received rave reviews from many online. YouTuber Vivian Tries, for example, reviewed both the Huggle and Comfy, and said she preferred the latter product. That being said, the Huggle has similar features of both products, and is priced somewhere in between, so it gives a little more bang for your buck.

Ultimately, I'd recommend the Huggle to anyone seeking maximum lounging comfort, especially those like me who are constantly cold. My Huggle has helped me get through the coldest days of winter, and is still proving to keep me warm against frigid air conditioning as I work from home this summer — even as I write this article.