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Stylists and designers reveal the 8 fashion trends we'll be seeing everywhere in 2022

Alyssa Towns Swantkoski   

Stylists and designers reveal the 8 fashion trends we'll be seeing everywhere in 2022
LifeThelife3 min read
  • Insider spoke with stylists and designers about what they think the next big fashion trends will be.
  • They said 2022 will bring more wide-leg pants and loose denim to replace skinny jeans.

With a new year comes new fashion trends.

Insider spoke to stylists and designers about their predictions for the clothes and accessories we'll be seeing everywhere this year.

Here's what they said:

The 1990s bucket-hat fad will stay strong

Sahra Schukraft Brandt, the founder of Shop the City, said 1990s and early-2000s fashion trends are making a grand reappearance.

We've already seen a nod in recent years, and bucket hats in all styles and colors are on the rise again.

Brandt said we'll particularly see this trend with younger generations, but she expects some younger millennials to get on board, too.

Power suits will take center stage this year

Jasie Style, fashion and wardrobe stylist, said there's one outfit that will take center stage in 2022: the power suit.

This is especially true for women's fashion this year.

"These power suits are colorful, beautiful fabrics, and bold designs," Style told Insider. "More modern women have stepped into the leadership space since the pandemic and are focusing on expanding their business endeavors and looking professional while doing such."

Sustainable wear is on the rise

Celebrity stylist Kat Eves told Insider that sustainable and ethical fashion is making a splash.

This includes outfit repeating and choosing vintage options in addition to supporting more ethical clothing brands.

"I expect 2022 is going to be all about ethical and sustainable fashion," she said. "So expect to see more and more celebrities and trendsetters rewearing items or gowns or choosing more and more vintage gowns — just as Zendaya did in her recent vintage Roberto Cavalli gown, styled by Law Roach."

She also predicted that people will be "choosing to rock brands with specific sustainability and ethical statements."

Baggy, loose denim is here to stay

Maria Juvakka, fashion influencer at Chic Pursuit, expects loose-fitting denim with a lower rise to continue to gain popularity this year.

"Baggy and flared jeans can be worn on a night out, to school, or even to work on a casual day," she said.

This trend is following the major mom-jean moment from 2021.

Bold chains and cocktail rings are perfect for dressing up outfits

Fie Isolde, a Scandinavian jewelry designer, said the bold-link chains we saw everywhere in 2021 are here to stay. And they'll appear alongside eye-catching, oversized cocktail rings this year.

"Bold-link chains along with cocktail rings will set the tone for your outfit in 2022," she told Insider. "People want to leave a mark and make a statement."

Everyone will be wearing cardigans

Celebrity stylist Mary Francis told Insider that cardigans will return as a versatile wardrobe staple this year.

"You will see both men and women incorporating more cardigans into their wardrobes and using them as jackets," she said.

We tested and found the best places to buy cardigans. Check out our recommendations below:

Wide-leg pants are having a major moment

Brandt told Insider that pant legs are only going to get wider this year.

"Skinny pants are out, and while straight legs have been on the up and up, we're seeing increasingly wider legs on pants and jeans," she said.

Bright colors are sure to be a hit

Neon colors have been trending for a few years, and it seems like vibrant clothing is here to stay.

According to designer Nancy Rose, of Nancy Rose Performance, ultra-bright colors, "especially primary colors like blues and reds," will be incredibly popular this year.