These are some popular new year resolutions that people make only to fail

These are some popular new year resolutions that people make only to fail
  • New Year Resolutions are an important topic of discussion as we await the New Year 2020.

  • Studies show that most people fail with their New Year resolutions.

  • Here are a few popular New Year resolutions and the ways to achieve them.
New Year 2020 is upon us and among the many things we fret about, are New Year resolutions.

It encompasses those targets which few can achieve. To make sure that we achieve them, they should be practical. Also, while actually committing ourselves to them, the initial enthusiasm might fade away over time. It is important to set quarterly targets and make sure that we achieve them.

Most popular New Year resolutions

  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Become more organized
  • Cultivate a hobby or learn a new skill
  • Learn to be happy
  • Quit an addiction
  • Increase the time spent with family
  • Travel to more places
  • Read more or pursue a new study
Studies about New Year resolutions

As New Year’s glow fades away, people struggle to stay on course with their resolution plans. Eventually, most people lose the enthusiasm and energy to pursue their goals. The Journal of Clinical Psychology conducted a study on New Year resolutions and has found that only about half of them could succeed with their plans.


What happens with people who do not make New Year resolutions

The study also covered those who do not make New Year Resolutions, but just had a goal in mind to accomplish in the New Year. When it comes to actually achieving them, only about 4% of these non-resolvers could make it. Therefore, in this case, the results are bleaker than with those that make resolves.

How not to fail with the New Year resolutions 2020

We always wish not to be in the camp of people who do not succeed with their New Year resolutions. We might have a lot of dreams about the New Year 2020. Here is a plan for you if you really wish to remain steadfast with your New Year resolutions and succeed in achieving them to a good extent.

Follow these points if you really want to succeed with your New Year resolutions 2020

Prepare your mind for a change

This is the best part that will keep you going on and on. If your mind is prepared, you can easily commit to your goals.

Share your resolutions with other people

If you do this, you will stay motivated and learn how to overcome the challenges together with other people.

Set motivating goals

Resolve those things that will motivate you and interest you.

Resolve what you can manage to do

Resolve only those things that you can manage and not those that will be very tough.

Stay specific

Be specific with your goals and do not make some generic plans that have a lot of chances to fade away over time.

Split your goals into workable bits

This is necessary if you want to see the goals manageable and not a burden or botheration.

Document your goals

It is good to write down the goals and keep them in front of you to remind yourself time and again.

Make use of some apps innovatively

These days, you will come across some innovative apps that can help you pursue your goals successfully.

Review the progress regularly

From time to time, conduct a review to check how far you are making progress. Patch up the loopholes and move forward confidently.

Do not fret about lagging behind

For some reason if you happen to lag behind, never fret about it so that you might lose the confidence necessary to pursue your goals. Instead, think of ways to catch up with the progress.