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5 personality traits that nobody likes

5 personality traits that nobody likes
LifeThelife1 min read

In a social world, everyone craves affection that might be in the form of real, close relationship or just in the form of social networking likes and follows. However, some traits within your personality might hinder the way of this love and make it difficult for people to like you. Here are 5 such traits-

Excessive Social media Coverage

Posting too many pictures on social media seems like a harmless activity, but doing this too often might not be right for increasing your likability. Social media is a place where you connect with various groups, and posting with just one of them always isn’t such a great idea and may turn others away.

Dropping Names

Similar to the ideology behind showing off your assets, taking names and showing off your contacts is another trait that might push people away. While the mindset behind such behaviour dictates that taking names will help you go places, the truth is in fact the opposite. Most recruiters would reject applications that show off names indicating that it isn’t something that you should do.

Humble Bragging

Bragging is unacceptable and so is humble bragging. Just mentioning things where they do not belong isn’t appropriate and tends to create an unfavourable judgement against your favour. A simpler introduction would be much more likeable.

Not Expressing Enough

Humans have been blessed with expressions to show their emotions. It is thus, a natural instinct to trust those expressions and such people. In contrast, those who keep hiding their emotions are suspected to be shady and this trait is definitely not likeable.

Not Smiling

A good smile eases out the worst situations and spreads a wave of optimism. A hearty laugh reflects on the smile and genuinely passes on to the viewer, creating a bond of trust. This is precisely what garners everyone’s affection and draws them to you!

A lot of unsaid behaviours exist and when mastered, these can change the way you look at and live your life. So avoid making these mistakes and make the most of who you are!