Some curious facts about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Some curious facts about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
  • Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world today has a net worth of $130.7 billion USD in 2020.

  • The owner of the e-commerce giant Amazon and one of the most popular producers in Hollywood, Jeff Bezos has made his way to this status with sheer hard work all through.

  • While the world knows him as the richest entrepreneur and the owner of vast amount of assets, there are many other awesome facts about Jeff Bezos that make him still more interesting.
When he was born on January 12, 1964, Jeff Bezos was christened as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. His biological parents were Jackie Gise Jorgensen (Bezos), who was a teenager when she gave birth to him, and Ted Jorgenson. Eventually, Bezos was later adopted by Mike Bezos, who was his step-father. During many instances, Bezos said he never remembered his biological father and hence Mike was his natural father.

His marriage, children and divorce

Jeff Bezos married MacKenzie Bezos in 1993. She bore him three male children and later they adopted a girl from China. When he divorced her on April 4, 2019, MacKenzie kept $35.6 billion in Amazon stock which made her the third richest woman on the earth. After the move, Bezos retained 75% of the family’s stock in Amazon. His divorce cost him a big chunk of his wealth, but still he never lost the status as the richest man of the world.

His current wealth status

Recently, Bezos sold some part of his Amazon shares. In the said deal, he netted around $4 billion. In less than two months after 2020, Bezos’ wealth grew by $17 billion and he continues to remain the wealthiest person in the world. Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world trails behind Bezos by about $13 billion.


Jeff Bezos fancies space travel

A noted producer in the Hollywood arena, Bezos also owns the Washington Post Newspaper. Space travel and Star Trek are among the most interesting subjects that have fancied him. He played a cameo role in the movie Star Trek Beyond appearing as an alien.

Recent property acquisition

Recently, Bezos, the Amazon CEO purchased the costliest property in LA in a deal worth $165 million. Notably, the property he bought is worth an eighth of a percent of his total net worth. Once owned by Warner Brothers, the nine acre property is meant to fuel the Amazon founder’s dream of residing in a lavish estate house.

The property houses a 13,600 square foot mansion styled in Gregorian fashion, nine-hole golf course, nursery, swimming pool, terraces and gardens, a few guest houses, motor court with its own service garage and gas pumps, and a tennis court. Notably, he has been hunting for a house in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air area with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez for quite some time.