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  4. These aren’t regular models, but they took the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive Show by storm

These aren’t regular models, but they took the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive Show by storm

aren’t regular models, but they took the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive
Show by storm
LifeThelife1 min read

Vernika Jain

Vernika Jain
Age : 21

City : Delhi

Profession : Student

Hobbies : Reading, Dance, Sports, Modeling

Favourite Outfit: A pair of jeans and a nice top is my all my favourite

One thing you believe in : Myself
Inspiration behind LFW participation: It’s time to show the world my awesomeness and show the beauty of plus side of industry.

​ Arpit Subhash Handa

​ Arpit Subhash Handa
Age: 28

City: Mumbai

Profession: Artist, Youtuber, Vlogger, Tech Reviewer, Stock Broker

Hobbies: Debates, Motorsports, Designing, Dancing, Acting

Favourite outfit: T-shirt & Jeans

One thing you believe in: There is someone out there who is making an awesome path for us, literally carving out our life. Have faith and all will be well. You must be positive and things will automatically fall into place.

Inspiration behind LFW participation: As I have been on the healthier side, aLL- The plus size store has always been my preferred brand. Moreover I have been actively participating fashion related activities since my college days. So when I got to know this is happening I just couldn't hold myself back and went on for the auditions. I am super excited to walk the ramp for the first ever Plus size Fashion show.

Neha Parulkar

Neha Parulkar

City: Mumbai

Profession: Content Manager and freelance Plus size model

Hobbies: Travelling, Socializing, Swimming, Driving, Watching Movies, Youtubing, Doing

Favourite outfit: A smart full sleeve or 3/4th sleeve top paired up with well fitted jeans or jeggings with bling footwear.

One thing you believe in: Own your body.

Inspiration behind LFW participation: Myself, and all the other people dealing with weight issues. This is like a tribute to them. I am honoring them by representing my "kind”.

​ Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar

​ Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar
Age: 28

City: Mumbai

Profession: Freelance Fashion Stylist, Choreographer and Voice over artist.

Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping, Singing, and Listening to music, watching movies.

Favourite outfit: Indian Traditional wear.

One thing you believe in: Happiness comes from within not from an external goal or factor.
Inspiration behind LFW participation: I have always been an avid fashion lover. I would always wonder while looking at international plus sized models and ramp shows as to when something of this would begin on India. And on seeing this opportunity, I had to give it a try and be a part of it.

Rajiv Bhasin

 Rajiv Bhasin
Age: 26

City: Mumbai

Profession: Business and Actor

Hobbies: Travelling, Acting, Modeling, Networking, Eating, Socializing

Favourite outfit: Black jeans and well-tailored black shirt with perfect footwear

One thing you believe in: Fat and fashion go hand in hand

Inspiration behind LFW participation: My father always wished to walk the ramp or sponsor a plus size fashion show but unfortunately after his paralytic attack he was unable to walk. So here I am fulfilling his wish and terming my LFW participation as a WALK OF HOPE.

Payal Soni

 Payal Soni
Age: 22

City: Mumbai

Profession: Sales Executive in Real Estate

Hobbies: Swimming, Photography, Styling and Grooming

Favourite outfit: Skirts, Denims and Graphic Tees

One thing you believe in: I believe in reality and being practical

Inspiration behind LFW participation: I had come across international plus size models who walk the ramp and have also followed plus size bloggers this has definitely been my source of inspiration for my participation. I also wanted to be an inspiration for other people for those who think that plus size can never be a model or be in trend.

Amber Qureshi

Amber Qureshi
Age: 33

City: Mumbai

Profession: Media Executive, Artist-Celebrity business manager

Hobbies: Dancing, Watching movies on DVD or I just head out to a local social club to listen to live music/bands. Exploring new food joints and new places to visit is also what I Love to do.

Favourite outfit: Jeggings or well fit blue denim jeans with a casual top and trainers are my all-time favourite outfit. My recent love in clothes are the off shoulder dresses / tunics I absolute adore them. Solid colours, digital prints, fine floral prints, flower fabrics are some of things I enjoy wearing too.

One thing you believe in: I believe in hard work and perseverance. Have rock solid faith that if anything is pursued with passion, confidence and right focus one can move mountains. The belief in me is rock solid. I am here to rule.

Inspiration behind LFW participation: I would always wonder why beauty is judged basis the dress size one wears. For me the right attitude, confidence in oneself, intelligence, a compassionate soul makes a person beautiful. When I came to know about the auditions for aLL – The plus size store in association with LFW show I jumped at this opportunity. This would help break the stereotype of beauty standards in our country. Focus has now gradually started shifting from size zero to curvy women like me. It is this change in the mindset of people I wanted to bring and hence was inspired to participate in LFW.

Kais Sundrani

Kais Sundrani
Age: 20

City: Mumbai

Profession: Student

Hobbies: Volleyball

Favourite outfit: Formals
and Casuals

One thing you believe in: My parents always taught me to see the brighter side of life and hence I was raised with one lesson all my life to be positive all the times even in the hardest times.

Inspiration behind LFW participation: I always wanted to change the thinking of the society that healthy people cannot become models. They should not be judged by their skin and what they wear. And I really want to thank aLL- The plus size store and LFW to give me this chance to prove myself and turn into an inspiration for others.

Anjana Bapat

Anjana Bapat
Age: 27

City: Mumbai

Profession: Programmer

Hobbies: Dance, Theatre

Favourite outfit: A comfortable snug short black dress

One thing you believe in: Giving respect and getting the same in return

Inspiration behind LFW participation: I wanted to reach out to those people who have issues with their body images be it size, height, skin colour, etc. To tell them that if you feel you are enough then you are enough.

Anil Pamnani

Anil Pamnani
Age: - 26

Profession:- Businessman

Hobbies :- Dancing , Drumming , Travelling

Favourite Outfit:- Printed cargo with T-shirt/Jack

One thing I believe in:- KARMA

Inspiration behind LFW participation: - It has always been one of my dreams to walk on the Ramp. And the moment I came to know about this aLL – Plus size store and LFW’s association I decided to go through the audition. My Mom and Dad raised my confidence to participate in it.
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