These 3-year-old triplets are in love with their garbage men, and their friendship is too cute


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screenshot via Martha Sugalski/Facebook

Best day of the week.

For three-year-old triplets Heaton, Holden, and Wilder, garbage collection day is the best day of the week.

Their mom, Florida television anchor Martha Sugalski, has been posting videos of the kids flagging down their neighborhood trash collectors since they were babies.

Last week, one of the videos went viral, picking up 32 million views and a ton of fans, including actor Tyrese Gibson. In the video, the triplets give "Mr. Rob" and "Mr. Chad" Gatorade and hugs, and help bring their garbage can over to their truck.

"It started as just waving to the truck, then the sanitation engineers would stop and say hello, and now it has turned into a sweet friendship," Sugalski told WFTV, where she is an anchor.


Tyrese reposted the video, writing "just goes to show you that racism is TAUGHT it's not natural to hate this clip melts my heart - cause when I was a kid I actually wanted to be a trash man - shout to the mother in this clip - you're doing it al the way right!!!!"

Sugalski has posted a ton of these sweet videos on her Facebook page. Here are a couple more of our favorites:


 And some pictures:



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