These 4 Young Actors Were Just Cast In The 'Fantastic Four' Reboot


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Alberto E. Rodriguez, Jason Merrit, Mark Davis/Getty Images

We've known for a while that Fox has had plans to reboot the "Fantastic Four" franchise.


It's a smart move considering Warner Bros. and especially Disney are dominating with superhero films at the box office. For the past year, there have been rumors about which actors will star in the remake of the 2005 film.

Now Variety reports that Miles Teller ("The Spectacular Now"), Kate Mara ("House of Cards"), and Jamie Bell will join the reboot.

Mara is officially locked to play Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman while Teller has been offered to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. According to Variety, Bell is expected to play Ben Grimm/The Thing.

The three are expected to join Michael B. Jordan who has been rumored to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch since last year.


Josh Trank ("Chronicle") will direct the reboot while Simon Kinberg ("Sherlock Holmes") is working on the script.

There's no word on the villains expected for the film yet, but for now, meet your new Fantastic Four!

Kate Mara will play Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman.

kate mara sue storm

Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Marvel

Michael B. Jordan will be Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

michael b jordan human torch

Leon Bennett/Stringer via Getty Images, Marvel


Miles Teller has an offer to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.
Teller recently starred alongside Jordan in "That Awkward Moment."

miles teller mr fantastic

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Marvel

Jamie Bell is expected to play Ben Grimm/The Thing.

jamie bell the thing

Mark Davis/Getty Images, Marvel