These are all of the Fitbit models that can track your heart rate

These are all of the Fitbit models that can track your heart rate

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While the Fitbit Alta does not track heart rate, many other Fitbit models feature 24/7 heart-rate monitoring.


When it was released in early 2016, the Fitbit Alta was a cutting-edge piece of hardware capable of tracking sleep and steps, displaying texts and reminders, and helping users set and meet health and fitness goals.

The Alta was, however, lacking a feature that greatly enhances the monitoring of health and fitness: a heart-rate monitor. For all of its capabilities, the Fitbit Alta is unable to track heart rate.

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Fitbit subsequently released an updated model, the Fitbit Alta HR, that does track heart rate, giving its wearer a much better sense of an exercise's efficacy and helping the person better plan future workouts and activities.

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Fitbit Alta HR (From $89 on Amazon)

Fitbit Versa 2 (From $199.95 at Best Buy)

Fitbit Ionic (From $249.95 at Best Buy)

Fitbit Charge 3 (From $149.95 at Best Buy)

Fitbit Inspire HR (From $99.95 at Best Buy)

Fitbit Blaze (From $159.95 on Amazon)

The Fitbit Alta can't track heart rate, but these other Fitbit models do have heart-rate monitors

The Alta HR is just one of the company's trackers that has heart rate monitoring capabilities. There are five models featuring heart-rate monitoring currently for sale on Fitbit's website.


These include the Versa series (the new Versa 2 and the older Versa), the Ionic, the Charge 3, and the Inspire HR. Older models with heart rate monitoring include the Fitbit Surge and the Fitbit Blaze.

Knowing both your resting heart rate and your optimal heart rate for productive cardio exercise can help you make the most of exercise sessions and lets you get a better sense of your overall health and progress toward fitness goals.

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