These are the 10 best engines in the world

These are the 10 best engines in the world

Ford Mustang Performance Pack Level 2(4)


A 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

  • Wards Auto has released its 24th annual 10 best engines list.
  • The top 10 includes traditional internal combustion as well as fuel cell, electric, and hybrid drive technology.
  • Mass-market brands and electric mobility dominate the list.

Wards Auto has released the latest edition of its annual list of best engines in the world. For 2018, the 10 winners are an eclectic bunch. There are 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines, along with fuel cell, electric and hybrid drive units. This the 24th time Wards has conducted the competition to find the best engine in the world.

This year, mass-market automakers and electric mobility dominate the list. The only luxury brands to make the top 10 are Jaguar and Infiniti. Also, no German brands made the list.

"We're happy to recognize great engines in luxury cars, but we're thrilled to see so many high-volume automakers whose vehicles are more affordable for average Americans delivering truly outstanding powertrains," WardsAuto senior content director Drew Winter said in a story announcing the winners.

According to Wards, only new or significantly re-engineered engines or propulsion systems that are available for sale in the US and are installed in cars having a base price of less than $63,000 are eligible for the top 10. In addition, the winners from the previous year are also eligible to defend their crowns.


A total of 32 candidates were evaluated by the publication's editors in real-life, on-road driving conditions in October and November. Wards scored each engine based on horsepower, torque, comparative specs, noise attenuation, fuel economy, and application of new technology.

Here are the 10 winners for 2018 in alphabetical order: