These daughters of an Indian billionaire are investing in startups like a boss; have raked in $100 million so far

Yes Bank CEO Rana Kapoor is a proud father of three daughters-Radha, Raakhe and Roshini.

Three of them have started a family office by the name-The Three Sisters-which invests in startups and new businesses.

They are planning to $150 million, or about Rs 965 crore, to incubate and fund new businesses in different categories such as education, tourism, family entertainment centres, agri-logistics, etc.

"We are not really passive investors. Our model has been to partner with good management teams at a concept stage and build businesses for the long term,” Radha Kapoor Khanna, promoter of The Three Sisters, told ET.

Launched nine years ago, The Three Sisters has already invested $100 million in a string of businesses.


Awfis, a company that runs co-working spaces, was started by The Three Sisters in partnership with Amit Ramani, a professional turned entrepreneur, two years ago.

"We are seeing the family office concept becoming more popular in a lot of countries where traditionally business has been family-owned, such as in India,” Fakhri Ahmadov, managing director at London-based family office advisor Ahmadoff & Company, told ET.

The Three Sisters employs 75 people, with a combination of investment and operating expertise to incubate new ideas and roll out business ventures. It is also allocating funds to promote entrepreneurship through a startup incubator that will set aside up to $5 million to back ideas in the education sector.