These Goldman Sachs Employees Are About To Be The Happiest People On Wall Street


Gary Cohn, Lloyd Blankfein

Reuters/ Natalie Behring

It's partner day at Goldman Sachs!


The list of the 78 new partners is out.

Being named a partner at Goldman is a huge deal. It's one of the most highly-coveted titles on Wall Street.

Partners are picked every two-years during an extremely intense and secretive selection process.

In 2012, the bank tapped only 70 partners compared to 110 in the previous cycle. The size of the partner class isn't pre-dictated, though. However, it usually tends to be between 1.5 and 1.9% of the full-time employee population at the firm.


This morning, CEO Lloyd Blankfein and president/COO Gary Cohn personally called folks at their desks to let them know they've been made a partner.

The calls usually begin around 5 a.m. EST with the Asia offices and continue until around 9 a.m. EST.

Here's the list:

Fadi AbualiJan FritzeEtsuko KobayashiKunal Shah (London)
Aaron ArthDino FuscoNyron LatifRichard L. "Jake" Siewert
Jennifer BarbettaHuntley GarriottGreg LeeJason Silvers
Thomas BarrettJeff GidoDirk LievensKevin Sterling
Gerard BeattyLittleton GloverKyri LoupisUmesh Subramanian
Shane BoltonCyril GoddeerisJohn MadsenDan Swift
Will BousquetteAlexander GoltenRichard ManleyBen Thorpe
Kane BrenanJason GottliebMichael MarshOliver Thym
Tavis CannellJoanne HannafordAli MeliJoe Todd
T.J. CarellaJulie HarrisDavid MillerHiroyuki Tomokiyo
Gary ChropuvkaEdouard HerveyJoseph MontesanoThomas Tormey
Darren CohenMatthias HieberEric MullerMark Van Wyk
Stephanie CohenCharles HimmelbergManikandan NatarajanRajesh Venkataramani
Kathleen ConnollySean HooverFergal O'DriscollMatthew Verrochi
Sara DevereuxPierre HudryKristin OlsonOwen West
Iain DraytonIrfan HussainJernej OmahenRonnie Wexler
Carlos Fernandez-AllerKevin KellyNicholas PhillipsXiaoyin Zhang
Jonathan FineTammy KielyRob PulfordAdam Zotkow
Meena Lakdawala FlynnMaxim KlimovColin Ryan
David FriedlandEdward KnightCarsten Schwarting