These Incredible Works Of Art Were All Created With Apple Products


Apple has attracted a cult following across the globe for its high-quality design and the attention to detail apparent in the products it creates.


Now Apple is highlighting the more artistic aspects of its brand with "Start Something New," a campaign bringing work created on Apple products to retail locations worldwide. 

Pieces created by select artists have already been installed in Apple stores in major cities across the globe. Online, pictures of Apple products are being substituted with photos of the incredible artwork people have created with them.

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austin mann apple storeCourtesy of Apple / Austin Mann

Travel photographer Austin Mann took this amazing shot with his iPhone 6 Plus while traveling in Iceland. 


"We had driven by this same spot earlier, but as we were coming back around, the fog had lifted and we saw this giant glacier," Mann told Business Insider. "The shot presented itself, and I captured it." 

Mann was able to take the picture, edit it, and share it with his followers within 30 minutes. That same process would take hours with more traditional photography gear.

"A lot of the time, planning and setting up photos is sort of contrived. Inspiration is something that's so spontaneous and kind of comes and goes," he said. "Being able to do it on my phone keeps it a continuous process, keeps the inspiration flowing."

Mann says that he may use other cameras for situations that require more technical equipment - low lighting, for example - but that nothing compares to the iPhone's flexibility. 

"Because I have so much power in my pocket, it really conforms to the lifestyle of a curious photographer," he said.


Chad Riley is a similarly curious photographer, having traveled all over the world for his work with Apple and other major brands. Last year, he used only an iPhone and an underwater housing unit to shoot a national ad campaign for Target.

But it was a series of photos he took using the burst mode on the iPad Air 2 that were selected for the "Start Something New" campaign.

(Click the arrow on the right to scroll through all of the photos). 

 Riley shot the photos in Amalfi, Italy, while on location for a project he was working on with Apple. He has collaborated with Apple several times in the past.


"It was kind of fun to frame up with the shot with the iPad, since the screen was so big," Riley said. 

Riley primarily uses the editing software already built in to the iPad, but he also uses the Photoshop app to edit his shots. As a photographer who's constantly traveling for both work and play, it's important for him to have his creative process streamlined.

"The quality has gotten so that I can take a shot, send it to my printer over Wi-Fi, then immediately send it to a client," Riley said. "Plus I have my Mac at home - it's all integrated so seamlessly."

roz hall apple artCourtesy of Apple / Roz Hall

Artist Roz Hall graduated with a degree in video art from the U.K.'s University of Chichester in 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 that he really started to play around with digital art. His first experiment was with the Brushes app on his iPhone. 


roz hall artCourtesy of Apple / Roz Hall

He has since upgraded to the iPad and now creates amazing portraits on the Procreate app for the iPad Air 2. The art looks just like it was painted with real acrylic paint. 

Hall says that creating art digitally has one especially great benefit: instant feedback. 

"The community plays a big role. I have acrylic paintings which have probably been seen by 4 or 5 people. Whereas on the iPad I can paint something and immediately post it online where you'll get feedback and learn others' processes," Hall said, adding that anyone with an iPad can do what he does. "It makes people, who have never painted before, pick it up and have a try. That is something very special."

Hall says that he was shocked to be picked by Apple for the campaign - he was so surprised in fact, that he was convinced it was a prank until he saw his work on Apple's web site.

"This sets a strong message to their creative community, making it clear that Apple takes them very seriously and is dedicated to them," Hall said.