scorecardThese Olympic -record breakers smoke weed often and are allowed to do so by the IOC<b></b>
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These Olympic -record breakers smoke weed often and are allowed to do so by the IOC

These Olympic -record breakers smoke weed often and
are allowed to do so by the IOC<b></b>
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Pot use has been a sketchy subject for Olympic competitors before. In 2009, Michael Phelps recognized a photograph of him having a bong was true, and he was suspended for three months. On top of that, he lost a lucrative sponsorship from Kellogg's. Over the interceding years, weed has been decriminalized in locales around the globe

As indicated by some exceptionally casual weed testing rules, Olympic competitors are permitted to smoke weed without being excluded. While cannabis is still authoritatively banned amid the amusements, Olympians can escape with smoking the substance as long it is not done while contending.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) changed the principles in May, 2013, which makes it harder for an Olympian to test positive for ‘Mary-Jane’ and be suspended from the amusements.

Meet the Olympians that smoke GANJA:

Ross Rebagliati

At the point when the Olympics added snowboarding to the rundown of games in 1998, it appears nobody expected the way of life and society that is synonymous with the sport. Now, this brings us to Ross Rebagliati, who was the first ever to win an Olympic gold decoration for Men's Snowboarding at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Things came smashing down when soon after the huge win, he was found to have 17.8 ng/ml of THC in his blood and was consequently precluded. Rebagliati asserted that the THC was from passive smoke at the time. Rebagliati was later given his awards back after a decision called that Ganja was not on the rundown of banned substances in 1998. In today's lawful weed scene, Rebagliati has bounced back. The self-announced canna-competitor and pot business visionary posts uninhibitedly about the intense plant on Instagram.

Michael Phelps

With such a variety of Olympic gold awards, Michael Phelps is hands down the most adorned Olympian ever. In 2009 in the wake of winning a record eight Olympic gold decorations Phelps was captured utilizing a water channel otherwise known as bong. Phelps later conceded the photograph was taken at a University of South Carolina party and apologized for his conduct openly.

He was later suspended by the USA swimming association for three months and lost a noteworthy sponsorship with Kellogg.

Usain Bolt

The speediest man alive used to smoke ganja when he was a great deal more youthful, however once his running vocation took off he exchanged the bud for the track he said in an interview. The world record holder in the 100 m and 200 m Bolt has not backed off and is as of now in Rio pursuing more gold. While he doesn't smoke any longer, Bolt has been seen to embrace cannabis society by posting pictures of him with a cannabis attire brand. Both Bolt and Phelps have effectively affirmed that this will be the last Olympics for them, so be set up to watch these legends on out.

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