This Bangalore start-up is changing how the first-aid kit looks all over the world

In an emergency situation, the first hour is considered the “golden hour”, within which it is critical that the victim has access to basic medical care. However, in most cases victims do not have access to such care, and by the time they reach the hospital it is too late. This is where a small product comes into play.

Axiostat is a ‘Smart Bandage’ that stops profuse bleeding within just 2-3 mins, right at the interventional stage. In the event of an accident, it can be applied on the wound to stop profuse bleeding; thereby giving the victim ample time to reach the hospital for further treatment.
Ambulances in India lack the basic first aid equipment and skillset required to start treatment before a patient reaches a hospital. With awareness and access to haemostats such as Axiostat, even a lay man can help a victim in need while help arrives.

Axio also has had a major impact on the Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces with almost 50% of the soldiers die due to uncontrollable bleeding, and about 30% of these deaths are preventable.
How does it work

The moment Axiostat is applied to an open wound, it reacts with the blood and becomes a very sticky substance that clots blood and stops bleeding. Axiostat can be kept on the wound for 24 hours. Once the patient has been taken to the Hospital and given medical attention, Axiotat can be removed just by the application of water. It absorbs the water to become a gel like substance that can be easily peeled off.
Axiostat is currently used in four segments- Military, Emergency, Cardiovascular and -Dental for different use-cases.


With the alarming statistics on the number of fatalities due to profuse bleeding, haemostat products are more of a necessity than a luxury.