This Chart Shows Movies Have Even Worse Gender Equality Than Real Life


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Legally Blonde: Part of the problem? Women still suffer massive stereotyping in films. Check out the stats.

It's harder to find female doctors, judges, lawyers, and professors on our screens than it is in real life, according to a report released by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in media.


The report, which analyzes gender representation in popular films, found women were drastically under-represented and that professional roles almost always went to men.

If you take a look at their chart, you can see more than 90% of lawyers are played by male actors, and the same goes for 95% of judges, 85% of doctors, and 94% of professors.

Such representations do not reflect reality.

The American Bar Association reports that in reality 33% of lawyers are female, and the National Women's Law Center says 35% of federal judges are women. In his first term, President Barack Obama appointed 72 women to the federal bench, more than any other president.


Meanwhile, the Association of American Medical Colleges says more than 30% of practicing doctors are women, and the American Association of University Professors says 45% of professors at bachelors institutions are female.

While there is still much progress to be made on equality in the real world, it would seem there's even more room for improvement on our screens.

Here's the chart:

Gender Equality Films

Here's another showing more hollywood equality problems:

Gender Equality Hollywood movies chart women female