This Chart Shows Which Celebrities Post The Most Pictures On Instagram


snoop dogg airbnbVivien Killilea/Getty Images

Last month, Instagram began cracking down on spam accounts, and some of the most-followed Instagram accounts - among them celebrities, singers, and athletes  - lost thousands and even millions of followers.


That doesn't mean celebrities have lost their grip on Instagram, though.

A new study from shows which celebrities post on Instagram the most. The study, called Instagram Intoxicated, also analyzed celebrities' Instagram feeds to show who posts the most pictures with drugs and alcohol, noting a general increase in party pictures over the past few years that may coincide with a general uptick of celebrities who have joined Instagram and have started to post more pictures.

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The rankings might surprise you - rappers, including Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill, top the list, while Kim Kardashian falls solidly in the middle.