This Indian logistics startup is profitable for a simple reason

Brring is a two year old end-to-end perishable logistics and supply chain management company headquartered in Bangalore. Unlike the other upcoming startups, this one is probably the only profitable company in this industry and the reason is simple.

The company’s services include warehouse management, packaging, fleet management, sourcing of staples and groceries, cold chain solutions, first mile and last mile services across 14 cities with manpower of 1500 and fleet of over 200 vehicles.

Abhishek Nehru, CEO, Brring told business insider that in the past seven months, the company’s revenues hit Rs. 20 crores, all because of ‘applied innovation’ ,”We take the company’s existing logistics model and change it to suit the budget and also the efficiency. Execution is key, the method to do it isn’t set,” Nehru says with much nonchalance.

Nehru also says that they don’t believe in discounting and charge the partner companies fairly in accordance to their services. We don’t compromise on service but then we don’t compromise on our compensation either.


There is an increasing market demand for their customized supply chain and decentralized sourcing services. Case in point, 50% of their revenue comes from Big Basket with over 10,000 deliveries carried out by Brring of 40,000 deliveries that the company does.

Other customers include grophers, furlenco, ShopX, Udaan,McDonalds’ McCafe etc. They have even figured out cold Chain customized services for 8 Hospitals of Fortis in India by using their resources to suit the partner company.

This small company gets the point, something which most startups are missing; to get ahead, you have to make it happen, no matter what.