This IoT device will help you save money and reduce your water consumption

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When we think of the most available resources, water turns out to be the most important with air.

Unlike renewable resources like electricity, there are no alternative sources of water.

In India, most housing complexes do not meter the water consumption of residents individually. Instead, the residents are charged a fixed flat rate.

The individual consumptions are never equal and it also means that most residents paying for others' consumption as well. This makes people insensitive towards water wastage in their homes.

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Research has proven that our consumption drops by up to 35% once there is water metering.

SmarterHomes Technologies is a Bangalore based automation startup that provides quick, easy and simple solutions for housing societies to adopt individual water metering.

SmarterHomes’ core product WaterOn, is an IoT product, which is the world’s first 100% automated smart water meter offering accurate metering, leak prevention (detection and control) and long life.

Reduced bills
Water metering enables housing societies to measure and charge individuals on actual consumption. Along with accurate billing, water metering also helps in reducing water consumption.
WaterOn also incorporates billing that not only presents the bill data but also presents usage trends, forecasts and a 6-month historical view of the consumption.

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How does it work
WaterOn is an integrated product which comes with simplified solution approach. A meter is an independent unit sending data to the cloud server.

The meter comes in two variations – one with a remotely operable valve allowing users to shut off the water supply in the event of a leak or planned vacation, and second without valve which can alert the user of a leak but will not be able to shut off the water supply.

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WaterOn is currently operational in 700 houses in Bangalore and 2400 water meters are currently being installed.
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