This is probably the most feel good trailer for a Wall Street movie we've ever seen


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Jake Gyllenhaal plays a rich Wall Streeter in "Demolition."

A new Wall Street movie just premiered, and instead of the usual hookers and blow you might expect, this one is about feelings and soul-searching.

"Demolition" premiered Thursday at the Toronto International Film Festival and the reviews are mixed. As The New York Times put it, "Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Weird."

Gyllenhaal's character is a young financier who sets out to find himself after his wife unexpectedly dies.

In the trailer, Gyllenhaal's character, Davis Mitchell, appears to experience a complete transformation from a rigid Wall Streeter who wakes up at 5:30 a.m. - and whose firm manages $6 billion - to a whimsical family man.

Eventually he even quits his finance job and joins a wrecking crew, according to a Variety review.


Maybe it will inspire others to abandon the high-strung lifestyle.

Here's the trailer:

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