This is the exclusive Apple merchandise you can only get at its Silicon Valley campus



Matt Weinberger/Business Insider

Apple's legendary Cupertino, California, campus isn't especially hospitable to unwanted visitors, as you might expect from a company famous for its secrecy.


There's really only one place on the Apple campus that welcomes visitors: A small Apple Store, located right at 1 Infinite Loop, and open to the public.

Mostly, it's nothing special among the 463 Apple Stores in the world - wooden tables, lots of glass, and a Genius Bar.

But in addition to the standard selection of Apple gadgets, it's the only place anywhere on earth where you can buy a special selection of official Apple merchandise.

I stopped by the Apple Store at the company's headquarters, just minutes after the end of the company's annual shareholder's meeting, to take a look and shop around. Here's what I found: