This is the most gorgeous change Apple is about to make to your iPhone


Apple has begun rolling out the public beta of the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. It's called iOS 9 and there are a few changes that are going to make big differences in the way you use your iPhone.


The most aesthetically pleasing tweak Apple has made is in the iPhone task switcher.

The task switcher is that function that allows you to see all of your recent apps and easily access your contacts. You can close applications there that might be acting up, or easily switch to them.

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Apple has changed things up in iOS 9, and it's a rather large visual change.

On the left is the old task switcher, and on the right is the new one, check it out:


Screenshot 2015 07 10 15.21.04


Not bad, right? Your most recent contacts have moved to a new shortcut screen when you swipe left in your home screen. Now the task switcher is all apps.

But you really need to see it in action to get the full effect:

iphone recording gif

Business Insider

The new task switcher in action.

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