This is what it is like to be a rocket

Technology has taken us from earth to space to the moon to Mars. We saw images of earth from space sent by astronauts; we lived 100 days in space with them. We experienced, sitting in our living rooms, what it is like to be in a space shuttle, to be a Mars rover and now the world has experienced what it is like to be a rocket for the first time ever.

A bunch of on-board Hero4 cameras took this video of an Aerospace rocket launch on a mission to deploy Maraia capsule into space.


Maraia was taken up on the 20-foot tall SpaceLoft-10 rocket, which the GoPro cameras show reaching Mach 5.5 (3800 mph or 6115 km/h) as it goes skyward to an altitude 396,000 feet.

The cameras capture every moment as it leaves the launch platform. At the 1:16 mark we see the Maraia capsule separate from the launch vehicle before beginning its journey back to terra firma.

Maraia's mission is to make it an inexpensive, autonomous International Space Station-based vehicle for returning small scientific and engineering payloads to Earth as and when required.

(Image credits: , video credits: gopro)