This Man Made His Resume Almost Entirely Out Of GIFs


Before you can ace an interview for a new job, you have to get your foot in the door.


If you're working in the creative tech field, that often means making a resume that will showcase your skills while helping you stand out.

Ivan Basurto Delgado, a creative artist based in Argentina, decided to make his resume using the method of expression that's taken over the digital world: GIFs.

Although he told Business Insider that didn't know how to make GIFs when he started, Delgado designed more than a dozen that represent both his personality and skills and put them together in one amazing digital resume.

The entire process took him several weeks, but the final product is amusing while providing a good taste of what Delgado can do. Here's another example:


Delgado just finished a stint freelancing for El Ojo de Iberoamerica, a major regional Advertising festival, and right now he's working ad honorem on cultural projects for the Ecuadorian community in Buenos Aires.

He eventually wants to open his own branding and illustration studio with a friend.

You can see his full resume here.