This Map Shows Which States Have More Deaths By Homicides And Which Have More Deaths By Accident


Are you in a state where you're vastly more likely to die of an accident than be murdered? Or are homicides relatively frequent?


Data visualization whiz Seth Kadish of the excellent Vizual Statistix Tumblr used CDC data to figure out the ratio of homicides to accidental deaths all across America. After excluding suicides and transport deaths, he got some fascinating results.

  • The national average is 5.3 accidental deaths per homicide
  • Less populous states have a higher ratio, but population explains a relatively small part of the differences between states
  • Generally, the more urban the state, the lower the ratio
  • States in the deep South have a relatively high accident rate, but it's largely outweighed by a high homicide rate
  • A lot of people die of accident related injuries in in West Virginia

Here's the map. Darker blue states have more accidents relative to homicides, and orange to red ones have relatively more murders:

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