This Might Be The Real Reason Microsoft Chose Windows 10 Instead Of Windows 9


windows 10 start menu



When Microsoft took the wraps off its new software on Tuesday, many expected the operating system to be called Windows 9, not Windows 10. As it turns out, there could be a specific reason Microsoft chose to skip a number in its naming convention.

A Reddit user who claims to be a Microsoft developer posted a line of code pointing to some potential confusion that could have ensued if the company decided to go with Windows 9 (via BGR):

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Essentially, this means that Microsoft noticed some developers were putting a line of code in third-party products that would check the version of Windows a device was running. The code checks to see if the version starts with the letter 9, which could potentially confuse it into thinking its Windows 95 or Windows 98.


Of course, there's no way to know whether this is true. The developer mentions in his post that this is just an internal rumor floating around the company, so there's no telling how legitimate it is.

So how does Microsoft explain the situation? At its press event, the company stressed the fact that Windows 10 is more than just a small upgrade - it's a major overhaul - so going directly to 10 made sense.