This Nineties Rapper Just Plead Guilty To Defrauding A Woman Out Of $32,000


Nineties rapper "Tim Dog" (aka Timothy Blair) has pled guilty to grand larceny for putting a single mother in $32,000 of credit card debt, reports the Commercial Appeal's Yolanda Jones.


According to Jones, Blair, 46, met Esther Pilgrim in 2007 on an online dating site and convinced her to invest as a limited partner in his BMC Entertainment Company. Claiming to be working on his comeback album, he lied that he'd pre-sold 20,000 copies of the five-CD box set.

Soon Blair finagled Pilgrim's American Express and Bank of America credit card numbers and was using them to live lavishly with his wife.

Last week, Dateline NBC aired Pilgrim's story, in which she admitted she'd trusted Blair because of their similar backgrounds.

"I grew up in San Bernadino, California and so I knew of Tim Dog the rapper and his whole East Coast, West Coast rivalry in his music," she said.


Blair has received five years of probation and must pay $19,000 to Pilgrim within that time, Jones reports.

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