This rapidly growing fast-food chain is bringing Maine lobster to the masses


Luke's Lobster 9

Hollis Johnson

Lobster has successfully clawed its way to the fast-casual market.


Luke's Lobster, the chain founded by Luke Holden in 2009 to rectify the dearth of affordable, good lobster rolls in New York City, is clear proof of that.

With 19 locations in seven states and Washington, DC, Luke's Lobster's mission to bring quality Maine lobster to the masses is running smoothly.

Luke's is even looking westward, recently opening stores in Chicago and Las Vegas.

As a steadfast New Englander, I'd like to think I have some grasp on what makes a good lobster roll. So I decided to head over to the nearest Luke's to find out for myself if this is truly the cheap yet authentic experience that is intended.